Gerrish Financial Overview

Gerrish Financial LLC

Gerrish Financial is a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm.  We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for clients, based upon their unique circumstances.

These services can be broad based, or narrowly focused on a particular area of financial planning depending on the clients requirements.  We typically provide financial planning and investment advisory services to Generation X and Generation Y clients (although all age groups are welcome), and have no minimum asset or income requirements.

Gerrish Financial was founded after personal experiences with a close family member who did not have a financial plan in place. Navigating the complex world of personal finances without a financial plan can lead to significant stress and worry for you and your loved ones.

Our firm is dedicated to helping people navigate their financial lives in an unbiased and non-commission based manner. We have a strong passion to help families avoid the potential pain and stress later in life caused by the lack of a financial plan.

  • We help you define your goals and objectives
  • Determine where you stand today in meeting you goals
  • Identify how your current path is working towards meeting your goal
  • Recommend changes that will have positive impacts towards achieving your goals
  • We provide you with “straight talk” and level setting of your expectations
  • We put a mutually agreed on plan in place to set you up for success
  • We monitor your plan and adjust for the inevitable changes that life brings to us all

Steven Gerrish – President & Financial Planner

Writing an “about me” section has always been a bit of a challenge for me. They tend to read as a cross between a resume and a dating site or personals add. However, selecting a financial planner is an important step in your financial life journey and getting to know who they are is a critical step. Your financial planner must be someone you trust and are comfortable with discussing sensitive and personal financial information. So, at the risk of sharing to much or too little, here we go.

I didn’t set out to be a financial planner, and spent the first half of my working career in another industry entirely (20 years with a DMS provider that served the automotive dealership space). During which time, I held roles in Sales, Service, Marketing, Product Development and Product Management. A corporate buyout brought with it a change in company culture and fostered an entrepreneurial spirit leading to a desire for a new industry and a more rewarding work experience. I then spent the next two years as an independent option contract trader, but wanted more and desired to grow professionally within the financial services industry.

After exploration of the various roles, titles and organizations within the financial services industry, it was obvious that my own Financial Planning practice was the right career path for the next 20 years. It’s a career that not only fits my prior work experiences and core competencies, but it also falls squarely within my own ethical beliefs, and desired business practices. I am the sole owner and operator of Gerrish Financial LLC, which was established in February of 2013.

I live in Springboro, with my best friend and beautiful wife Kathy, along with our Kooikerhondje dog Gaia. When not helping clients with their financial plans, I enjoy spending time with my family, golfing, listening to music, roasting coffee, and video gaming.