Financial Planning – Package Details

Financially Fit

Financially Fit is our yearly ongoing financial planning service designed to address a client’s financial planning and investment management needs. This comprehensive service takes a deep dive into all of a client’s financial goals, provides a detailed analysis of their existing financial path and provides recommendations designed to address stated goals and objectives. After the delivery of the financial plan the service provides implementation assistance and ongoing services to ensure a client’s plan remains on track.


Our fees for Financial Planning Services include both a one-time fee (Plan Fee), for the initial creation of your financial plan and an ongoing service fee (Service Fee), for the ongoing support of your financial plan. Your specific fee structure will also be detailed in your Client Services Agreement.

Plan Fee: The Plan Fee is $500. This is a one-time only fee specifically for the creation of the initial financial plan, and includes three months of ongoing support.

Service Fee: The Service Fee is equal to $1,200 yearly per adult person, multiplied by the accounts assigned Complexity Factor. All accounts have a default complexity factor of 1. The Service Fee is charged in arrears for the prior period. The Service Fee is typically billed annually but can be billed quarterly depending on client preference.

Complexity Factor: The Complexity Factor is determined by taking into consideration the range of services included, the number of and complexity of assets, client needs, and the time required to deliver the services. The accounts Complexity Factor is fixed at contact signature and is reviewed upon contract anniversary. Any changes in complexity factor will be reflected in the following years billing cycle.

New Clients
First year clients are extended an introductory $500 Plan Fee for the creation of their initial financial plan and 3 months of ongoing service. At the end of the 3 months, the client may choose to cancel or continue with the financial planning service. Paid introductory Plan Fees will be applied towards the full Service Fee if client elects to continue the service.

Areas of Financial Planning

Depending on your unique circumstances the following may be included as covered topics and addressed as part of your analysis and included recommendations within your financial plan:

  • Cash Flow & Debt Management
  • Insurance Needs Analysis (Risk Management)
  • Education Planning and Funding
  • Retirement Planning & Capital Needs Analysis
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Consultation and Asset Allocation
  • Employer Benefit & Savings Plan Analysis
  • Net Worth Position
  • Emergency Fund Planning
  • Savings Rate Analysis
  • Life Event Planning (large purchases)
  • Investment Management (Optional)

Package Includes

  • Discovery sessions (90 minute)
    • Discuss & define your goals, where you are today, where you want to be in the future
    • Collect required information to complete your comprehensive Financial Plan
    • May require multiple sessions depending on complexity of plan needs
    • Engagement contract review & signature
  • Delivery sessions (90 minute)
    • Review of the comprehensive and customized financial plan based on your specific goals, objectives and risk tolerances
    • Review of plan recommendations and alternatives reviewed
    • Review of implementation action items and responsible parties
    • May require multiple Delivery sessions based on feedback from initial Delivery session
  • Implementation support and monitoring
    • Quarterly review sessions to monitor progress and discuss potential changes
    • Unlimited on demand touch base and/or question and answer sessions addressing any questions or concerns you have
    • 24 hour web access to your completed plan, including a “what if” modeling capability