Modular Financial Planning Services

Modular Financial Planning

For clients that are not interested in our Get Financially Fit package we may, on a limited basis, be engaged to provide modular based financial planning or investment consultation services on an hourly or project basis. These services are typically for clients that plan to implement and monitor their financial plans and investment strategies on their own with limited assistance from a financial professional. Clients that fall into this category are typically looking for a narrowly focused plan, incidental or modular advice, or an abbreviated review session.


Hourly and project based financial planning is billed at $150 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments), and will be quoted in terms of a fee range (e.g., fees will be at least $500, but no more than $1,000). Project/Hourly fees are based on level of complexity and breadth of services required client by the client. The specifics of the fee agreement, project fee estimate and services selected will be communicated in the written Client Services Agreement, which must be signed by the client.

Half of the hourly or project fee estimate is due at signing, with the remaining half due at delivery of the financial plan. Projects spanning more than three months will be billed quarterly. Fees are not collected for services to be provided more than six months in advance.

Areas of Financial Planning

Depending on your unique circumstances the following may be included as covered topics and addressed as part of your analysis and included recommendations within your financial plan:

  • Cash Flow & Debt Management
  • Insurance Needs Analysis (Risk Management)
  • Education Planning and Funding
  • Retirement Planning & Capital Needs Analysis
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Asset Allocation
  • Employer Benefit & Savings Plan Analysis
  • Net Worth Position
  • Emergency Fund Planning
  • Savings Rate Analysis
  • Life Event Planning (large purchases)

Investment Management is not included with modular financial planning but is separately available through our Investment Management service.